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It is my belief that stress is the ONE thing in our lives that we have TOTAL control over but most of us don’t pay attention to what it is doing to our health and well being.  I am not saying that things are not difficult or that a lot of our lives are not drastically changing.  As a whole we are going through some very hard times right now with possibly more to come.  What I am saying is that in spite of what the world throws at us, we are constantly making choices to how we allow it to effect us and that is where stress comes into our lives.  We breed it, hoard it, consume it, nurture it and refuse to let it go.

We were created to productively live the majority of our lives in the parasympathetic “rest and repose” system but some how we were taught that if we were not going mach ten then we would fall behind, be a loser, non contributing, worthless, lazy and on and on and on!  You know what I’m talking about don’t you?

We have now labeled that relaxed ahhhhhhhhh feeling (remember what that felt like?) as pampered or indulged, however, that is the furthest from the truth!  We are actually more productive; make better decisions, sleep better, less likely to get sick, etc when we are living in our parasympathetic “rest and repose” system.

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